Moving frozen specimens (eggs, sperm, embryos) from one facility to another is not a difficult process.  We wish to ensure that the transfer of those specimens is safe, secure and meets all regulatory criteria.

To ensure a seamless transfer of your specimens from the RAH to PCRM Edmonton, our laboratory staff will work with you and and the laboratory staff at RAH to make the transfer occur.  Prior to any specimens being transferred to PCRM, the following must occur:

Please contact the RAH to inform them you wish to move your specimen(s) to PCRM Edmonton.  The RAH will provide you with specific consent form(s) in order to release the specimen(s) to PCRM Edmonton.  Please be sure to complete the documents and return them to the RAH at your earliest convenience in whatever format they require.

In addition to signing the release form(s) at the RAH, you will also need to complete the corresponding consent form for PCRM to receive your specimen(s).    Please complete the appropriate PCRM consent form and return to PCRM by mail or in-person to:

Attn:  Holly
300-9888 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 5C6

How to correctly complete your forms:  Instructions for the Completion of PCRM Receiving Consents

PCRM Embryo Shipping Consent:  FRM-LAB-007E – Embryo receiving consent 2018

PCRM Egg/Oocyte Shipping Consent:  FRM-LAB-008E – Oocyte receiving consent 2018

PCRM Donor Sperm Shipping Consent:  FRM-LAB-006E- donor sperm receiving consent 2018

PCRM Sperm Shipping Consent: FRM-LAB-005E- patient sperm receiving consent 2018

Should you have any questions about the PCRM Consent forms, please call the office: 780-990-4442

Please note that all patients must be seen in consultation by one of PCRM’s physicians prior to starting any type of treatment.  This is required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.