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Carole Lawrence

Laboratory Director, BSc, MSc

Carole has worked as an Embryologist since 1988 when the IVF program at the Ottawa Hospital was first opened. She was a Senior Embryologist and a Research Embryologist at Ottawa Hospital for 15 years, then the Laboratory Director at the Victoria Fertility Centre before coming to join us at PCRM where she has been the Laboratory Director for 10 years.  She has now moved to assume the role of Laboratory Director at the PCRM clinic in Edmonton

Carole holds a science degree with a specialty in cell biology, certification as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Clinical Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Embryology and Andrology. She has attended many workshops, conferences and courses in order to remain updated in all of the current advancements and applications for the IVF Laboratory.  Her primary focus is cryopreservation, vitrifcation and developing practical and effective methods for using surgically retrieved spermatozoa.


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