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  • The Stress Of Infertility and Where To Begin

    Opening up about infertility helps those struggling realize that they're not alone. Dr. Caitlin Dunne talks about where patients can start when they're facing difficulty when trying to start a family.

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  • Male infertility affection in six, but men don’t want to talk about it

    Men battle traditional gender barriers when confronting tough personal topic: infertility

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  • Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine: Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2019

    PCRM is featured in Canadian Business as a winner of Canada's Best Managed Companies award.

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  • This is VANCOLOUR Podcast: Episode #32

    Dr. Dunne is a guest on the This Is Vancolour podcast with Mo Amir and talks about egg freezing, surrogacy & so much more.

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  • If You Are Planning A Pregnancy, Make Sure You’re Vaccinated

    Women who have not received the MMR vaccine are particularly vulnerable during pregnancy. Contracting measles while pregnant can lead to an increased risk of preterm birth, miscarriage and low birthweight babies

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  • IVF linked to slightly higher risk of maternal complications: study

    Researchers compared the rate of severe complications in women who became pregnant with a reproductive technology versus those who did not need help to conceive.

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  • What We Know So Far About ‘Designer Babies’ And Human Gene Editing

    The once futuristic idea of designer babies, now possible with human gene editing, remains a subject of speculation and intense ethical debate.

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  • As A Fertility Doctor, I Am Advising My Patients To Avoid Cannabis

    Dr. Caitlin Dunne outlines reasons to avoid cannabis while trying to conceive.

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  • Couples With Unexplained Infertility Can Benefit From Basic Treatments

    Dr. Dunne outlines treatment options for patients facing unexplained infertility

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