Are fertility procedures deductible as a medical expense?

Qualifying medical expenses under the income tax act could include the cost of laboratory, radiological and other diagnostic procedures or services, with necessary interpretations, for maintaining health, preventing disease or assisting in the diagnosis or treatment by a medical practitioner. Examples of such expenses, which may not be covered by provincial health insurance, are:

  • the in-vitro fertilization procedure;
  • daily ultrasound and blood tests once the in-vitro procedure has begun;
  • anesthetist fees; and
  • cycle monitoring fees. The above is not an all inclusive list and you should consult with your accountant to determine the deductibility of your fertility treatment costs.

As of December,  2018 – All Prices in Canadian Funds. Prices subject to change.

Fee Guide April 2019
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Our fees

Assisted Reproductive Technology Services
*IVF Cycle $7500
*IVF Cycle & ICSI $9000
*IVF Cycle & ICSI with TESE Sperm $9500
Frozen Embryo Transfer $1600
*Cycle Conversion to IVF $7000
Non-Canadian Resident Fee $1000
Egg Freezing Cycle $7000
*Egg Thaw ICSI Cycle $4300
*PGT IVF & ICSI Cycle $11,000
Medications – Varies

Anaesthesiologist Fee (if required) $1000

*Excludes applicable embryology fees of $1000 (Blast, Embryo Cryopreservation)

Embryo Cryopreservation & Storage $700
Blastocyst Culture $300
Annual Storage Renewal Fee $250
(Embryo Cryo and/or Blast Culture refunded if not applicable)

Fertility Ultrasound Monitoring
Ultrasound Cycle Monitoring $500
Injection Teaching $200
Medications – Varies

Sperm Wash for Insemination (IUI) $500
Sperm Cryopreservation & Storage $600
TESE/PESE Processing & Cryopreservation $1000
(non-PCRM specimens – does not include $2500 surgical fee)
Sperm Functional Analysis (ART) $250
Sperm Screen $100
Sperm screen with Antibodies $150
Annual Storage Fee Renewal $250**
**plus GST

Out of Province or Out of Country Patients
Additional fees may apply

Donor Services
*IVF Oocyte Donor Cycle $8700
*IVF Oocyte Donor Cycle & ICSI $10,200
Orientation for Egg Donor^$1000
*IVF Gestational Surrogacy $10,200
*IVF Gestational Surrogacy & ICSI $11,700
Orientation for Gestational Surrogacy^$1000
*†Frozen Egg Donor ICSI Cycle $4300
Frozen Egg Donor Orientation^$1000
Frozen Egg Donor Shipping $600
Frozen Embryo Transfer (in gestational surrogacy cycle) $2000
Donor Sperm Wash for IUI – excluding sperm cost $500
Donor Sperm Orientation $400
Donor Handling Fee $100
Medication – Varies

*Excludes applicable embryology fees of $1000 (Blast, Embryo Cryopreservation)
^Includes counselling, investigations, and physician consult
†Total cycle cost $20,000 – 24,000. Varies due to USD exchange rate & egg bank used.

Surgery *
Microsurgical TESE** $5500
* Includes physician, anesthetist & facility fees
**This procedure is currently only available at our Burnaby location

Prenatal and Ultrasound Services
Sonohysterogram $250
HyCoSy $250
Viability Ultrasound $200
NIPT Non-invasive Prenatal Testing $650
Invitae Carrier Screening $500 (additional $300 for partner screening)

Financing Options

In addition to contacting your personal banking institution, PCRM is affiliated with three financial institutions.  Please contact them directly to discuss your financing needs.
Scotiabank at the Edmonton CBC & Main Branch provides preferred rates on unsecured Lines of Credit exclusively for our patients.
Please contact:

Anisa Hersi
Financial Advisor
Nausheen Bhojani
Financial Advisor

Credit Medical and iFinance Medical provide loans for the healthcare industry.